Spit On The Broom (2019)

  • Short, Its Not A Moment -- Its A Movement An Affirmation (key BLM films)
  • 12min

Spit On The Broom is a film that is the result of two years of research in partnership with historic women’s group the United Order of Tents, a secret organization of black women founded on the underground railroad. Out of respect for the groups continued secrecy the film is structured around excerpts from the public record, newspaper articles related to the Tents from over the course of 100 years, and a visual tapestry of fable and myth as a way to introduce a history that remains secret. The film starts with the recreation of a hidden mother portrait, a form of victorian portraiture that used the bodies of domestics as a means of keeping a child still to be photographed. It ends with a black, victorian woman making a portrait of two black women, an image inspired by photographs the director viewed in the Tent’s collection.